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Bibliographical Timeline
André Le Nôtre

Louis XIII, King of France

12 March 1613
Birth of André Le Nôtre at the Tuileries in Paris,
into a family of royal gardeners
and garden designers.

1629 – 1635
André Le Nôtre follows the teachings of Simon Vouet,
first painter to Louis XIII.

He becomes head gardener to Gaston d’Orléans,
brother of Louis XIII. He is in charge of the gardens of Blois,
Chambord and Luxembourg.

He becomes gardener to the King on his father's death.

André Le Nôtre marries Françoise Langlois,
with whom he was to have 3 children who all died young;
he meets Nicolas Poussin.

Death of XIII. Louis XIV becomes King of France.

André Le Nôtre becomes the King's designer.

He redesigns the Queen's garden at Fontainebleau.

Starting in 1650
The construction of the palace of Vaux le Vicomte resolutely begins
and earns André Le Nôtre an international reputation
for the advice given to Nicolas Fouquet since 1640 and his design of the gardens and park.

Le Nôtre becomes Advisor to the King and General Controller of buildings, gardens, arts and factories.

In June, he completes the creation of the world's biggest parterre, the Parterre du Tibre at Fontainebleau.

The great festivity of Vaux le Vicomte on 17 August is followed by Fouquet's arrest on 5 September.

At the request of Louis XIV, André Le Nôtre begins the preliminary work for the estate of Versailles.
He refashions the space by giving it a dual axis (east-west and north-south) and redesigns
the terraces, parterres and groves to create a masterpiece of symmetry and fantasy.

André Le Nôtre and Le Bernin meet on several occasions.

1665- 1699
At the same time as the work for Versailles and the royal residences,
(Vincennes, Fontainebleau, Tuileries, Saint-Germain-en Laye, Trianon, Marly, etc.),
the gardener to the King is called upon for numerous works in France and abroad. These include:
- Saint-Cloud for Philippe d’Orléans
- Chantilly for the Grand Condé
- Anet for the Duke of Vendôme
- Clagny for Madame de Montespan
- Maintenon and Saint-Cyr for Madame de Maintenon
- Meudon for the Marquis de Louvois
- Sceaux for Jean-Baptiste Colbert
- Greenwich for Charles II of England,
then for William III Prince of Orange,
King of England and Statholder of Holland, as well as Windsor and Het Loo
- Racconigi and Venaria Reale (Italy) for Charles-Emmanuel II then Victor-Amédée II of Savoie
- Charlottenbourg, Potsdam, Herrenhausen and Kassel (Germany)

André Le Nôtre is ennobled by Louis XIV.

With the painters Charles Le Brun and Van der Meulen,
he is tasked with producing drawings of the capture of Cambrai

Trip to Italy (end of April to end of November)

Lavishly honoured on his return,
he is appointed Maître d’Hôtel de la Dauphine.

He is awarded the Order of Saint Lazarus and Mount Carmel
and now regularly attends the meetings of the Royal Academy of Architecture.

André Le Nôtre is decorated with the Order of Saint Michael.
The artist, great art lover and collector,
gives the King the most prestigious artworks in his collection.

15 septembre 1700
Death of André Le Nôtre at his Tuileries home in Paris at the age of 87.
His world-unique legacy has been leaving its mark on theoreticians,
garden designers and town planners all the way to the present day.

1er septembre 1715
Death of Louis XIV


Source : Patricia Bouchenot-Déchin, André Le Nôtre, Fayard, 2013.